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Hi all Maria Developers

I promised to do this some weeks ago:


We need to include in our routines that any time a Maria Captain
pushes something to the main trunk that was not 100% developed by
Monty Program employees (and hopefully this will happen often :-), a
log entry to that page is inserted. This is important so that we have
a documented trail on how rights have been assigned for all code going
into the trunk.

The Linux kernel seems to have incorporated this into their git
processes by adding signed-off headers to their git changeset metadata
(noting that Linux of course is GPL only). If there is a way to do
something similar with bzr I'm open to suggestions. If we did it with
bzr, my next question would be, how can a stupid manager like me
easily get a report of the signed-off trail?

Similarly, feel free to modify the above wiki page if some other
format works better. (For instance, we may agree with some contributor
that anything available in a dedicated lp tree is contributed to

Sanja: it seems that the first thing that should be added to the page
is the virtual columns patch you are working on. Having come from
Drizzle there is a chance it is under BSD?

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