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Re: negative TIME in SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST and information_schema.processlist


Henrik Ingo <henrik.ingo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm the wrong person to answer, but seems to me we should at this
> stage prefer being bug-for-bug compatible and changing semantics
> between MariaDB and MySQL may turn out to be more of a problem than
> being helpful. (If we could agree with the MySQL team to adopt the fix
> in a future version, it would be different.)

Compatibility is a valid point, but we must also be very careful not to fall
into the trap of not daring to do changes that make sense. So we need
balance. If we stop fixing bugs or bad behaviour then I think we have made
ourselves irrelevant.

In this case, the problem is that we add another column. So we have two time
columns, one in whole seconds (for compatibility) and one in fractional

And I think it is really confusing if these two columns sometimes differ
widely from each other. Hence the need for a carefully thought out decision.


 - Kristian.

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