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Re: Information for release notes


Hi Daniel

On 27/09/2009, at 2:24 PM, Daniel Bartholomew wrote:
Using the contents of the list, I have created a Changelog page on the


I organized the page into two sections: Features, and Bug Fixes. I also
added links to the pages in the manual which exist for the changelog
entries refer to.


Stub pages for the manual are easy to create:

1. add a link to the new page to
2. click on the new link
3. enter the following text into the new page: {{stub}}
4. save the new stub page

To get things going, I created the following new stub pages for the





Other stubs may need to be created, but I don't know which of the
remaining topics need documentation or not. For example, does the
entry about MariaDB NOT supporting NDB need it's own Manual page or

I'd say just create, you can always change things over time - the MySQL manual evolved also with sections appearing, merging, splitting and also disappearing. The cool thing about the wiki is that you can easily redirect a deleted page to a relevant new one.

Re NDB... the NDB in the source tree may not be production capable, but it's technically functional. Builds for Ubuntu tend to include NDB, and it actually works (I've used it in training classes).
So that's already the real world.

MariaDB may also consider a magic merge solution with the actual NDB 6.whatever tree, as mixed setups (NDB and other engines) are perfectly common and sensible in various deployment scenarios. You then need the up-to date InnoDB stuff and binlog/replication fixes, as well as the server-side NDB infrastructure with enhancements and bugfixes. In short, a merge - at least that's what I can tell, someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I appreciate it might be a difficult thing to do.

Any contributions to the above stubs are *very* welcome. Any
contributions to any of the other refman pages are likewise welcome:


Henrik> Could the list itself be a basis for a changelog document and
Henrik> then we make release notes into a more human readable document?
Henrik> I thought that was your intention yesterday on IRC?

The changelog page is a good compliment to the release notes page. The
changelog is brief and is presented as a series of bullet points. The
release notes page is longer with items presented as paragraphs in a
more readable way.

For this, think about what a user or support/DBA person needs: will upgrading to version N break anything? Any changes required or things to look out for? If you can organise the info in such a way that that's clear and easy (smart grouping, for starters), that'd be fab!

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