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Notes from todays Maria call



Since I for once took good notes (less stressed today :-) I'm sharing
them here. Sergey, maybe you can reuse some of this to update todo

- win and valgrind problems
 - race conditions only seen on slow machines
 - problem likely in the test, not the server
 - this is not blocking release
- arjen working on builds, henrik spoke with him today.
 - arjen happy with cooperation with kristian and says mariadb is
easier to build than mysql.
- bo and kristian set up windows dev environment for bo today
 - will provide another buildbot slave for win
- kristian testing make dist
 - which can be used to produce a tarball
 - bo and kristian working on windows binary
- release tree is maria-5.1-merge
- Windows VM needed by Kristian, and also as a build environment
 - Daniel now setting this up on is own dev server
- Sanja's QC bug fix still waiting for review. This is also not
blocking release. (Current behavior is as in MySQL.)
- Hakan adds smoke test to MariaDB test plan
- We have a couple of mirrors for downloads. Ourdelta will probably
play a role here too.
 - Ourdelta provides also apt and yum repos!
 - Henrik will talk with Bryan about tracking clicks of downloads
- Henrik has not had time to look at documentation stuff Daniel is
working on, will talk about that separately later.

Also talked about Virtual Columns, Create table options etc, not
important for release.


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