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Re: Packaging: Ubuntu debs have binaries stripped?


Hi Bo, Sergey

On 15/10/2009, at 8:55 PM, Bo Thorsen wrote:
Torsdag 15 oktober 2009 11:57:37 Sergey Petrunya wrote:
I see that MariaDB's mysqld is stripped in the last ubuntu debs, just like
it is stripped in MySQL's debs.

The problem with that is that without symbols it's nearly impossible to
debug crashes. Do deb files really have no debug info at all (or I've
missed it?)?

If yes, how can they report bugs?

If not, do we generate the debug info?

I'd sleep easier after having verified that we've not shipped binaries that
we have no debug info for.

In Ubuntu (and possibly in debian) they normally have up to three packages. The actual package - in this case the mariadb server - a -dev package with
include files, etc. and a -dbg file with all necessary debug info.

MySQL actually comes as some more packages because the library is split in one
package which the server and client package depends on.

I think this is normal in Linux distros these days. At least SUSE does the
same with separate debug packages.

But I don't know how these are made or what is in them.

There's no -dbg package for MySQL.

A mysqld.sym.gz file is created using nm -n mysqld, and I've just found it's not packaged - which is why you're not seeing it.
Good catch!
The binaries are stripped later in the build process just before packaging, so that in itself is correct. When it's packaged properly (it is in 5.0.86-d9 OurDelta build) it shows up in /usr/share/mysql-server-5.x/

Can you please file this and other things you find as bugs on ourdelta + maria projects in Launchpad? As noted I've found the issue in our build env, but fixing it properly will require me to be awake.

It's good to have some extra picky eyes to catch this stuff, I love it!

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