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Re: New (by Bothorsen): Provide key cache statistics (58)



>>>>> "Sergei" == Sergei Golubchik <sergii@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Sergei> Hi!
Sergei> On Oct 22, worklog-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Provide the key cache  statistics available for the default cache (key
>> blocks used,  unflushed, etc.) for all named caches.
>> Monty answers in an email:
>> This is a much simpler task and something that is important to get
>> done.  We would have to introduce a 'show keycache statistics' command
>> that would iterate over all keycaches and provide the statistics.

Sergei> Why not to add this to show status where the default keycache statistics
Sergei> is ? It won't be more difficult that adding a new command.
As one can have any number of key caches (each one has a name) and we
have several variables for each of these, it will be a bit hard to
have them as show variables (I think).

Serg, do you have a suggestion how the variables would look like ?

For example, show keycache statistics would look like:

Key_cache_name  Key_blocks_not_flushed Key_blocks_unused Key_blocks_used Key_read_requests Key_reads Key_write_requests Key_writes
cache1 0 13389 7 22 7 0 0


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