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Using 5.1 tag on launchpad bugs


Hi all

I've started using the tag "5.1" for launchpad bugs that should be
fixed before 5.1 final release. This is so that one can easily get an
overview of release activity with this list:


I'm aware that there is also a "Nominate for release" feature, and
would be happy to use that if someone else sets it up. For now it
seems that using tags is the simplest solution.

I don't seem to have rights to set importance of bugs. Of the four
"cosmetics" bugs I've filed last week:

These 2 are MUST have for 5.1 RC:

481311 	Anything needed to build MariaDB binaries and packages must be
in the maria launchpad repository 		Undecided 	New
481320 	Remove "brand/tag" in the official MariaDB 5.1 rpm/deb/tar
binaries (ourdelta, or otherwise) 		Undecided 	New

While these 2 can be discussed (ie nice to have):

481298  	 MariaDB deb/rpm/tar binaries should be called mariadb-*, not
mysql-*   	  	Undecided  	New
481326 	Remove "-maria" string from MariaDB tar packages 		Undecided 	New

As a general comment, while lp bugtracker may be a bit simplistic, I
think we are not fully using all of its capabilities either. We can
talk about this today on the MP call at least, how to become better
users of it.


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