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Buildbot categories enabled



With the lots of builders now included in our Buildbot, the status pages are
getting difficult to get an overview of.

I therefore enabled the Buildbot category feature. I grouped the builders into
the following four categories:

  main          These are the main builders, which are well-working and should
                always be green

  package       These are the builders for package testing. There are a lot of
                these, so I put them in their own category.

  experimental  These are the builders that are not stable, ie. they
                crash/disconnect a lot or have other problems that makes them
                unreliable for checking for problems in new commits. THESE
                NEED TO BE FIXED so they can move into category main!

  new           New builders that are not fully operation yet (eg. missing bzr
                installation or similar).

I also added some simple forms to be able to select among these on the main
page (reload to clear browser cache):


Please someone help with getting the many builders in experimental fixes!


Eg. all of the Windows builders are currectly experimental because of multiple
problems with crashes, hangs, stuck processes, etc. etc.

 - Kristian.