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Re: Sketch of CRETEA TABLE options



19 нояб. 2009, в 14:44, Michael Widenius написал(а):


"Oleksandr" == Oleksandr Byelkin <sanja@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Oleksandr> Hi!
Oleksandr> Here is try to implement CRETE TABLE options. Here is only for TABLE, Oleksandr> and no real support from the engine side, but the result looks like:

Oleksandr> create table t1 (a int) ttt = xxx;
Oleksandr> Warnings:
Oleksandr> Warning 1639 Unused option 'ttt' (value 'xxx') of table 'test'.'t1'

Oleksandr> I publish it to let other to catch problems on early stage.

After some thinking, I have a comment that will affect the usage of

To make the extra options easy to use, they should linked list should
be added to the appropriate objects when the table is opened:

- Table options should be added to the TABLE objects
- Field options to the related Field object
- Key options to the related KEY object.

This will cause same code changes, but will make the usage of these
much easier, both in the handler but also in information schemas.

Lets talk about this on IRC on Friday when I am back.

OK. Just I have one note - TABLE is internal server object and as well as referencing THD & Co it makes engine release dependent (incompatible with other releases where the classes maybe changed).