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Re: Why 5.1.39 is not on launchpad?


On Mon, 30 Nov 2009 14:16:32 +0200, Henrik Ingo
<henrik.ingo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Henrik> I'm sure Daniel can comment when he wakes up. 5.1.38 was put on
Henrik> launchpad, but for some reason 5.1.39 wasn't.

AFAIK, one of the captains has to do this. If one of them wants to give
me access (and/or some guidance on how) to do this I would be happy to
take over.

I was going to ask about this when I was updating the download page
for 5.1.39 but didn't. Sorry about that.

Henrik> Even if launchpad isn't technically a mirror, from askmonty.org
Henrik> point of view we have used it as another mirror. The side
Henrik> effect of the downloads then appearing on launchpad itself is a
Henrik> nice bonus, I guess.

Yes, it is a nice bonus.

Daniel Bartholomew
Monty Program - http://askmonty.org

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