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Re: bzr commit into MariaDB 5.1, with Maria 1.5:maria branch (knielsen:2785)


Hi Sergei

On 14/12/2009, at 8:26 AM, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
Hi, knielsen!

Oh, I sincerely hope you don't think of pushing *that*.
The whole damn boost inside mariadb bzr tree ?
What's the next step, libc ?

Historically, as you know, MySQL server has always had local copies of libraries other than libc, including for SSL and other stuff. In principle I'm fine with making Boost an external dependency, the problem is availability on some of the build platforms. And that's exactly one of the problems that "having the stuff in the tree" addresses.

So, while I'm fully with you on the preference of not having external libs inside the tree, as long as we (need/want to) support the range of build platforms that we do, including some older RHEL/CentOS (these in particular are outdated with libs or just lack the lib altogether, and we only go back to RHEL4!) and Debian 4, we probably need to accept that it's a necessary evil.

For Drizzle it'd be an external dep, however Drizzle is not supported on that many platforms... and on some it's significant hassle getting all the deps in place. So that's "choices have consequences" in action.

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