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Re: bzr repository


Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz <hakan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I would like to put the scripts to a bzr repository. I guess launchpad
> is a good place. A separate repository makes sense to me, or maybe add
> them to the MariaDB sources?

Yes. I have for some time known we need a public repository with the tools we
use for MariaDB development. So now I have created a project for this on

Branch to push to:


Project page:


Wiki page:


Everybody, please help by moving things from our internal bzr repo
hasky:/usr/local/bzr into this project where relevant. And also please help by
updating the wiki page with appropriate documentation.

> I have a first working version of the wrapper scripts to automatically
> run sql-bench with a set of different configurations.

>From this description, it sounds like something that would make sense to
include in the MariaDB source tree? If so, I guess just commit them and get a

Generally, it is an advantage to keep tools that work on a specific version of
MariaDB inside the source tree, especially for automation (like
Buildbot). Eg. if different variants of the scripts are needed for different
MariaDB versions (maybe using a feature that is not present in older
versions); keeping the scripts inside the tree trivially ensures that the
versions of scripts and of MariaDB matches. It also removes any issues wiht
making sure the scripts are available on a given host.

On the other hand, if the script needs to work with different versions of
MariaDB it probably makes sense to keep it outside of the main source
tree. Maybe the script needs to check out the MariaDB source tree (like
package scripts); it cannot easily checkout itself... Or maybe it needs to
compare two different versions of MariaDB against each other (benchmarks,
upgrade testing).

For some tools the correct approach would be that part is inside the source
tree and part outside.

 - Kristian.