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Re: Status of Windows build


Timour Katchaounov <timour@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> - Making it possible for any developer to build (and develop)
>   MariaDB on Windows with Visual C++. This is perfectly possible
>   with either edition of Visual C++.

I want it to be easy for people to build themselves something that is as good
as what we release. At MySQL, there were tons of magic in secret build scripts
used to build releases, and I desparately want to avoid that.

(I'm not saying that we are doing the same for Windows currently, just
explaining my reasoning).

Thus all else being equal I want us to spend our efforts primarily on building
with the tools that our users (those that want to build themselves) will be
building with. (But as you explain below, all else is not equal).

> I spent half an hour searching MS web site for a comparison of
> the versions, and Bo seems right - no differences are claimed
> with respect to the optimizing compiler.
> The major two differences I found in the VC++ 2008 that affect
> us are:
> A) The Express Edition cannot build 64-bit binaries.

Right, that's a showstopper :-/

 - Kristian.

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