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Need help with packaging for MariaDB 5.2


Hi Arjen,

We are starting to think about MariaDB 5.2, in particular of start making
(alpha) releases with packages.

The current ourdelta packaging scripts for MariaDB 5.1 fail to build 5.2 (seen
in Buildbot).

I took a look at it, unfortunately it is more complicated than what I can
easily fix with my limited knowledge of packaging stuff.

For .deb, the "5.1" is part of packaging names, which again is part of package
dependencies. So it needs to be updated with correct names and "Replaces:",
"Conflicts:", etc headers and so on.

For .rpm the issue may be similar, not sure.

Can you (or other from OurDelta) help me with this, or suggest the best way

 - Kristian.

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