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Re: Creating an external branch of sql-bench


Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz <hakan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> we had some emails from Mark Callaghan, Patrick Galbraith, and Brian Aker
> asking for an external branch of our sql-bench directory. They want to extend
> and enhance the sql-bench benchmark suite.
> After a short phone call with Monty, he told me that there is a way to export
> a directory structure with bzr in such a way, that merging it back to our
> main tree would be easier.
> I checked http://askmonty.org/wiki/MariaDB::MergingMySQL but I could not find
> a hint there.
> Monty told me, that we are doing something like that with the PBXT sources.
> Do you have an idea, what Monty meant?

I know how to take an external project and merge it into MariaDB. This uses
the "merge-into" bzr plugin.

However, I do not know how to go in the opposite direction, that is take a
part od the MariaDB tree and split it out in a separate project, and still
allow merging it back in.

Unless we want to delete it from our tree, re-create as a separate project,
and merge that external project using merge-into. This would loose the
revision history (I think).

Also note that there seems to be a number of problems with this approach due
to this bug:


(For us, it works for xtradb, but not pbxt. Recently, some more people seem to
also be hit by this, including MySQL people.)

 - Kristian.