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Re: [Bug 544173] [NEW] Server crash for multi-engine transaction with binlog disabled


Hi Kristian

On 22/03/2010, at 11:44 PM, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
Public bug reported:
If using both PBXT and XtraDB in the same transaction, and log_bin is
disabled, the server crashes:
Note, the crash only happens when log_bin is disabled.

As a sideline of this, we need a test that verifies that the two-phase commit process actually works.

This could be done by starting a transaction, doing some write in both XtraDB and PBXT, but set things up in such a way that a commit will fail on one - perhaps Paul can provide a good idea for this - then the testcase can simply check the values in the XtraDB and PBXT tables afterwards to assess what happened.

This test is as important as the above crash, because multi-engine transactions are something people will be using and thus relying on correctly working, however the code inside MySQL core that handles it is wholly untested. The test is of course also important to guard against regressions when other bugs around this code get found & fixed over time.

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