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Re: MariaDB Release Numbering


"Adam M. Dutko" <dutko.adam@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> If we're always pulling from a mysql stable release and porting their
> features/patches why not always be a minor number above them?
> Say they release 5.2 ... we've added their patches from 5.2 but also added

Ah, but the thing is, MySQL will never (as far as we know/guess) release
5.2. MySQL 5.2, 6.0, 5.4, they've all been officially cancelled! Next version
currently is planned as MySQL 5.5. So we squeezed into the spare room :)

> other community pieces, improvements and bug fixes...it seems to make sense
> to then release MariaDB 5.3.  Staying one minor above seems meaningful
> because we have all 5.2 functionality of MySQL but extra patches and maybe
> more features from the community and it isn't confusing to me.  What might
> be a bit confusing is when you start talking minor minor numbers like 5.2.1
> vs 5.2.2.  We could reserve the minor minor numbers for patch updates/fixes?

This idea is of course valid in spite of the above comment.

>  I think Linus decided to abandon the even/odd stable/unstable game with
> Linux 2.6.x and from there they've been incrementing the minor minor number
> to indicate patch releases.

Arguably, our current numbering is a hack, although not without its merit. It
seems inevitable that sooner or later, if MariaDB and MySQL does not manage to
converge, some completely separate version numbering will be needed to 

 - Kristian.

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