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Re: Win32 bulids - can I help?


W dniu 2010-04-04 12:59, Henrik Ingo pisze:
On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 8:23 PM, Mchl<mchlpl@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Regarding comment from colincharles here:

Hi Mchl!

I'm currently traveling / on easter vacation, but Colin or Kristian
Cc'd here can respond to your questions.

I am assuming that by 'resources' needed for creeating win32 builds, you
mean a buildbot slave.

Yes and no. If you want to contribute a buildbot slave, this is appreciated.

But with the above we actually refer to the fact that most of our
developers use Linux as primary platform, and the QA and build system
doesn't work "by itself" on Windows, so we actually would need someone
to work on the build scripts, the automated tests and even fix MariaDB
source code on Windows. Currently MariaDB does not compile at all on
64 bit Windows, and the test scripts are unreliable producing spurious
failures that are not real MariaDB failures.

I have an Athlon XP box under my desk, which used to be my primary
machine, but right now is being used mostly for backups, so most of the
time it does nothing but gathers dust. I could probably set it up with
another hard disk, install Windows XP/Vista on it and donate it for
MariaDB builds. It depends on a few factors though.
1. How autoamted is the process? Ideally all I would like to do is to
switch the power on, login and let the machine do its job with as little
interaction from my side as possible.
2. How often and for how long would it need to run? I can run it for
8-10 hours several times a week, but certainly not 24/7
3. How much upload/download bandwidth is required? While my download
bandwidth is pretty good, my upload is not. Still, as long as we are not
talking several tens of gigabytes per day, I should manage.

Also please take into consideration, that I've never done anything like
this before, so I might require a lot of help setting this up.

Please tell me what you think! ;)

Colin and Kristian will help you out here...

Thanks for offering to help!


Thanks a lot for replying!

That doesn't sound too good to me. I'm mostly PHP/JS developer, and while I know some C++ it is almost certainly too little to be able to contribute to MariaDB code. Most of all I'm afraid I cannot commit much time to this.

I will take a look at how all this looks like, but it can be just way over my head.

Anyway, if this doesn't work, this machine is still here to use if you have a need for a slave for any linux flavor (or other OS) I could install on this hardware and that would be less problematic to maintain for an unexperienced person like me.

Also I would like to apologise to all list members, for apparently contacting them directly instead of posting to the list. It was my first attempt at using launchpad's lists, and it seems I did something wrong.