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Re: ORDER BY bug for TEXT in federatedx


Hmm.... I'd hate to disable a feature. I wouldn't mind fixing this instead of turning it off. What do you think is done incorrectly with blobs?


Antony T Curtis wrote:

This bug is caused by improper handling of blob fields... short term workaround for now is to turn off blob flag for the storage engine...

The long term solution is to properly handle blob fields.


On 28 Apr 2010, at 06:06, Patrick Galbraith wrote:


Thank you for letting me know! I'll look into this starting today.


Kristian Nielsen wrote:
Hi Patrick

Please check this mysql bug:


This bug is also in FederatedX (I noticed when I merged the test case from
MySQL 5.1.46 :-)

I created a MariaDB bug:


Can you look into this? For now I commented out the test in federated.test,
but we need it fixed properly of course.

Antony: I Cc:'ed you, in case you can help, as it seems you have hacked on
federatedx also?

- Kristian.