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Re: commits@xxxxxxxxxxx list


Daniel Bartholomew <dbart@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Maria Captains: After subscribing, please change the destination email
> address you have configured for the bzr email plugin in
> ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf (or ~/.bazaar/locations.conf) to
> "commits@xxxxxxxxxxx".

I changed the address in our main lp:maria/5.1 and lp:maria/5.2 trees.

This will take effect for those of us using the bzr-mysql plugin. Note,
however, that it will take some time for my change to be merged into all
trees, and until then there can still be commit mails going to
maria-developers@ (sorry).

For those not using bzr-mysql, I think they have to manually change their
config with the new list address.

 - Kristian.