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Re: Windows zip file


Den 14-05-2010 10:01, Henrik Ingo skrev:
(Adding maria-developers)

On Wednesday 12 May 2010 16:10:36 Bo Thorsen wrote:
Den 12-05-2010 15:04, Henrik Ingo skrev:
On Wednesday 12 May 2010 13:44:18 Michael Widenius wrote:

"Bo" == Bo Thorsen<bo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>   writes:

Bo>   Hi Daniel (and devs),
Bo>   I have uploaded a windows 32 bit build zip file to
5.1 .44b-win32.zip.

Bo>   How do I get this mentioned on the download page? And will the
mirrors Bo>   pick the file up automatically?

Bo>   I'm not sure if we should add a warning about this zip file. It's
the Bo>   first one we have done in a while, something could have gone
wrong with it.

It would be good if we could add a warning like:

We are actively working on a better Windows installation. This is our
first try in this direction;  It *should* work, but it if doesn't
please report a bug about it so that we can fix it!

Actually, the windows builds should be called beta for some time yet.
Please also change the zip filename to indicate that (and make sure it
says so on the download page).

That's a change in what we usually do, since beta is only for the
software, not the packaging. It would be odd to have both a 5.1.44b and
a 5.1.44b-beta live at the site. People could be confused about what it
is. It's actually already live without the beta in the filename.

It's not about the packaging but the platform. If you compile our sources for
OS X, the sources are stable, but we never gave a guarantee that it will work
at all for OS X. Windows is the same, we are only now paying attention to it.
It's unreasonable to expect it will magically work just because we already do
stable releases for Linux and Solaris.

I agree there is a risk that some of the code we have added between 5.1.39 and now can be broken on Windows.

And the scripts haven't changed since we last released this, so I don't
think it's a high risk.

Ok, this is an argument I can buy. We've had one beta out, if no problems were
reported, we could move to stable.

Even so, my personal preference is to call the windows release stable only
once we have a automated (buildbot based) system that outputs binaries without
manual steps - I consider that more reliable as a process.

To do the manually built zip file fills a need our users have, but isn't yet
the end goal.

The steps I do manually are exactly what the buildbot system will do. I just uncomment the lines that do visual studio build and run the scripts.

At one of the first runs I did, I modified the script to do this:

if [ "x_$1" != "x_-nobuild" ]; then

  cmake -G "Visual Studio 9 2008"

  devenv.com MySQL.sln /build RelWithDebInfo
  devenv.com MySQL.sln /build Debug

The only modification here from the checked in script, is the if statement.

When I run "sh win/make_mariadb_win_dist -nobuild", I just have to run the build lines manually before the script.

Perhaps I should check this if into the lp:maria?


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