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Re: Build Slaves


"Adam M. Dutko" <dutko.adam@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Is the adutko-ultrasparc3 buildbot too slow? would it be missed?

It's true that it's a tad slow, about 5 hours or so for a build + test? But
that's ok, we can make it run only in the most important trees if it becomes a

The host is the only Sparc host we have, in fact it is the only big-engian
machine used for testing MariaDB. So for that reason, yes it would be missed.

Of course, the problem is that currently it cannot build due to the internal
compiler error we get (we also got a similar report of internal error failure
on sparc from another MariaDB user).

If you like, I can ask today if one of our devs can look into that build
problem (unfortunately I don't have time to investigate myself currently).

 - Kristian.