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worklog update



A quick summary of recent changes in WorkLog:

* there are no "archived" tasks anymore. All cancelled and closed tasks
  are "inactive", others are "active"
* guest users shouldn't be able to update WL tasks now.
* "private" field dissapeared, you won't see "Private: yes" anymore.
* major rework of the reporting engine:
  - multiple report generators (two, at the moment)
  - multi-value select filters
  - configurable result display
  - saved reports
  - more fields to display and to filter on
* sections in the task view are reordered
* second code review removed
* lead architect added
* WL emails set List-Archive and have the task number first in the
* a "developer" can be anybody, not just an employee of MPAB
* virtual tasks removed from the right sidebar
  - one can get similar results with saved reports
* no "Current as text" button
* no two tasks may have the same title anymore (this was a bug in the
  old worklog that caused duplicate titles)

I may occasionally do more work on WL, after using it for a while and
understanding what's missing.