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Re: Install remaining files with CPack+NSIS


Den 29-06-2010 12:26, Kristian Nielsen skrev:
Bo Thorsen<bo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  writes:

This patch installs all the files that were missing from the installer
package. Now, the installer has the same set of files as the zip file.

Diff'ed against the current 5.1 tree.

I looked through the patch. I didn't see anything wrong with it, but I don't
really know CMake/CPack/NSIS enough to spot all problems.

The code to install mysql-test/ looks somewhat fragile (and a little clumsy,
but don't know CMake enough to tell if there is a simpler way). Usually it's
better to have a positive list of extensions to include. You can check how the
Makefile.am does it, unfortunately that is not perfect either, as it uses a
list of dirs to include, and doing the same for CMake would require yet
another file list that must be kept in sync between windows and autotools.

I did it the same way the zip package script does it. Which I agree is quite bad, and yet another file to keep in sync :(

Much of this will go away with 5.5 when cmake is the only system for all this. The zip script probably won't go away, though.

Bo Thorsen.
Monty Program AB.


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