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Re: Install MariaDB as a Windows service in the installer


Bo Thorsen <bo@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> This patch adds a page to the Windows installer that asks the user if
> he wants to set up MariaDB as a Windows service.
> The way to do this is to hack the NSIS template for CPack. IMHO, this
> is a bad way, but it is the recommended (and only) way to do stuff
> like this.
> The patch in the attached file install-service.patch is the only thing
> necessary for the current sources. It's a one liner. So far so good :)
> The actual patch adds a file win\cmake\NSIS.template.in which is a
> copy of the NSIS.template.in from CMake. The attached patch
> NSIS.template.in.patch shows the diff with the code I have added.

Ok to push to 5.1.

 - Kristian.