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Re: Compile for 64 bit


Den 02-07-2010 15:38, Kristian Nielsen skrev:
Bo Thorsen<bo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  writes:

The attached patch adds a -64 keyword to the script
make_mariadb_win_dist. With this patch, the script produces both 32
bit zip files (without any arguments) and 64 bit zip files (with
-64). I also expanded it so it's possible to run it with "-nobuild
-64" and a help text.

@@ -16,10 +22,18 @@

  set -x

-if [ "x_$1" != "x_-nobuild" ]; then
+if [ "x_$1" == "x_-64" -o "x_$2" == "x_-64" ]; then
+  CMAKE_GENERATOR="Visual Studio 9 2008 Win64"
+  ARCH="win64"
+  CMAKE_GENERATOR="Visual Studio 9 2008"
+  ARCH="win32"
+if [ "x_$1" != "x_-nobuild" -a "x_$2" != "x_-nobuild" ]; then

No, this is not a nice way to do it ;-)

Let's do it properly, for example like in parse_options() in BUILD/SETUP.sh

Ok. I considered it, but thought it best to wait until (if ever) a third argument was added.

+if [ "x_$1" == "-h" -o "x_$1" == "-help" -o "x_$1" == "--help" ]; then

(You are missing x_ on the right hand sides of == ... but per above, this will
be changed anyway.)

Ok to push this to 5.1?

Please fix as above first.


Kristian, when this patch is pushed, you can add a new buildbot slave
based on the one that builds the 32 bit zip file and installer. Adding
the -64 argument on the call to this script is the only thing
necessary for buildbot to produce 64 bit binaries. The result files
are named -win64 instead of -win32.

Ok. So what you are saying is that we can use a 32-bit VM to build the 64-bit

Yes, that should be possible. But I admit that I haven't tried it. I will it to be certain. If possible, I'd rather avoid having two build images.

But in any case, won't we need a 64-bit Windows installation to *test* the
64-bit binaries?

That's true. I'll build that next week.

Bo Thorsen.
Monty Program AB.


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