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Re: [Fwd: [Commits] bzr commit into Mariadb 5.2, with Maria 2.0:maria/5.2 branch (igor:2821) Bug#604549]


When one sees this pair of codes ER_CONST_EXPR_IN_VCOL and ER_ROW_EXPR_FOR_VCOL, one can't help asking himself whether that's the only disallowed expressions,
and if not, do we have error codes for vcol expressions with
- user variables
- subqueries
- SP calls
- etc, etc.
Do we handle such cases at all?


I checked our implementation and the Oracle and MS SQL Server documentation . We disallow subqueries, stored procedures and functions, but we allow user variables. The other database products are mostly stricter than we are, and I opened a new bug regarding the more relaxed rules in MariaDB and the issues this can cause.