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Re: wl#127 - changes to mtr for sphinx


Sergei Golubchik <sergii@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Kristian, I've done the changes - would you mind to review the patch ?

Sure! I will review after finishing with XtraDB merge.

> the first one fixes ndb. as ndb is hacked in mtr and is all over the
> place, I could not change mtr without touching ndb related pieces,
> and I need to make sure that I didn't break them. I found out that ndb
> doesn't even build - without my changes, so I fixed that. I think we
> need to build ndb at on some buildbot slaves, just to make sure we don't
> break it. Or remove it completely - as it's clearly not used, and not
> expected to be used, ndb users should use telco trees.

The main reason that ndb files are still there is that otherwise we will get a
conflict from bzr on every single ndb change we merge from MySQL. But I agree
with removing in whatever way works without introducing such merge conflicts.

Alternatively, if you're willing to fix any problems, I can enable ndb on one
of the buildbot hosts, probably the `hardy-amd64-fulltest' one, which already
runs lots of tests.

> the second contain mtr changes.

Have you considered pushing this to 5.1 also?

At MySQL, there was the policy that we kept mysql-test-run.pl mostly identical
across the different versions. This made it _much_ easier to maintain external
tools (like pushbuild, release build scripts) that need to work across
different versions.

(I haven't checked your patch yet as to whether this makes particular sense
for your changes, just wanted to mention it).

 - Kristian.