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Re: Strange code in 5.2 & Assigned bugs



On 08.08.2010 09:09, Michael Widenius wrote:

Sanja, in Aria engine in 5.2 we have the code:

     soft_sync_max= lsn;
     soft_need_sync= 1;

This is likely wrong as soft_sync_max is supposed to be a file number
and lsn is too big to fix into soft_sync_max (which is only a uint32).

Could you please take a look at this.
Fixed & pushed.
Note that I also assigned the following bug in 5.2 for you to take a
look at:

#611379 Equivalent queries with Impossible where return different results

It is also present it 5.1. I made patch for it (needs review) and I doubts which version it should go.
Please also try to get this one fixed (as it's marked 5.1):

#473914 mysql_client_test fail on windows x64
I'll talk to Bo, I think he already fixed it.