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Re: Ipv6


Hi, Dolf!

On Aug 23, Dolf Schimmel wrote:

> My proposal would be to introduce two new datatypes, one for 128bit
> integers, and one extending the 128bit integer type for ipv6
> addresses. Meaning that the latter accept ipv6 addresses only, but
> relies on the first one for storing it, and displaying it again as
> ipv6 address.
> With ipv6 one usually will do much more rangechecks than ipv4 because
> with ipv6 residential homes simply get a /64 block (2^(128-64)= a lot
> of addresses) instead of simply one address.  Therefore a nice feature
> would be to allow queries like: `SELECT * FROM table WHERE columnName
> IN 2001:db8:85a3::8a2e:370:7334/62` which essentially would select all
> rows where columnName is in the same /64 block as
> 2001:db8:85a3::8a2e:370:7334 is.
> I'm a simple PHP developer so I can't supply a patch, but I would be
> really curious in what you think about the above, and hope someone is
> able and willing to pick it up.

This looks moderately easy to do. Without 128-bit integers, at least.
But you don't need them, as far as I understand, who needs math
operations on ipv6 addresses.

Making MySQL to use indexes for selects like in your example would be a
bit more involved, but still doable.

If, indeed, "someone is able and willing to pick it up", I could help
this someone to understand what to change, where, and how.

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