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online alter table in MariaDB?


Hello all,

I saw the following on planet mysql today,
http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=430801045932, and it got me
thinking. I remember at the 2010 storage engine summit, we discussed
having more types of alter table be done online. Here are the meeting
notes on that topic:

    Comment: Need to fix ALTER TABLE to fully support online operations.
    Jonas: This is already implemented, but currently only in the
-telco cluster trees.
    Antony is willing to look into backporting new ALTER TABLE to MariaDB

Does anyone know if any investigation has been done? I am curious to
learn about people's findings. I have done a little poking at the
mysql cluster code that has this feature, but I do not understand it
well enough to know integration risk and complexity.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I am curious to learn more.


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