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Re: Phone home



On Sep 09, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
> So, "Phone Home" or "MySQL feedback daemon" or "better name wanted"
> feature.

my current working name is "MariaDB User Feedback", which isn't catchy
at all :(

> It is something that can be installed together with MariaDB, it will
> gather different statistic about how MariaDB is used and will send
> this information anonymously to mariadb.org.

My current thoughts about the server part.

I'm thinking about an I_S plugin. It will create a table with all the
information that is going to be sent.

If we'll have sending code in the server - Monty wants it for some
reason - then this plugin will send the content of the table.

But one can also disable the sending and simply use I_S table as any
other I_S table. Or one can send the data manually:

  mysql -e 'select * from i_s.feedback_table'|mail email@xxxxxxxxxxx

or the same with "wget --post-file" or "curl --data". From the cronjob,
if desired.  Which is not very Windows friendly, but the point is that
technically a paranoid user can control what data are sent.  Of course,
most users will probably use a built-in sending code.