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Re: Why is ExtractValue() not allowed for virtual columns?


On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 12:30 PM, Philip Stoev <pstoev@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Henrik,
> You are right, this function seems as deterministic as the rest of the
> string functions, that is, it still depends on the default character set and
> such.
> I think the reason it is not allowed is that when this patch was
> considered/developed/reviewed, no systematic review of all the functions was
> made. When I did my own review (which resulted in bug #608641 , I forgot do
> consider XML functions).
> I have added your observation to bug 608641, which list other deficiencies
> in mariadb virtual columns. My understanding is that the final decision was
> to release virtual columns as they are, and fix any deficiencies that occur
> as actual customer complaints in a future version.

Thanks, I'm fine with that. ..assuming of course that this counts as
one of those complaints :-)

Actually, SUBSTR() works as a good substitute for me in the meantime.