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Re: Tree with DS-MRR improvements ready for testing



I tested the tree as much as I could and I filed all the bugs that do not appear duplicates. In order to test further, the existing bugs need to be fixed, in particular bug 665669 which causes random sporadic failures that may mask other bugs.

If possible, for the next round of testing a single unified tree should be used that contains all fixes from all other trees (including those from maria-5.3), and the maria-5.3-mwl128 and maria-5.3-dsmrr-cpk trees should be retired.

Note that in bug 671489 the EXPLAIN does not mention MRR at all, while the result set is influenced by MRR options. We need to avoid such situations as much as possible -- the action of every optimizer_switch should be reflected in the EXPLAIN.

I am having a situation with InnoDB where a bug is perfectly reproducible in the RQG, but not when an MTR test case is extracted, even if I use optimizer hints to force the MTR test case to produce the same query plan. It appears to me that this is because Innodb row estimates fluctuate constantly throughout the lifetime of the server. Igor says that InnoDB should not be required to reproduce any bug, however my experience suggests otherwise. Any ideas on how to make MTR test cases such bugs would be much appreciated.

Philip Stoev

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Subject: Tree with DS-MRR improvements ready for testing

Hi Philip,

The combined tree with DS-MRR improvements and MWL#128 is ready for testing. It
is located at lp:~maria-captains/maria/maria-5.3-mwl128-dsmrr-cpk/ .

I don't know how hard that is for you, but it would be useful to check the failures - against 5.3-main tree (to see whether the problem is in the new code or not) - against lp:~maria-captains/maria-5.3-mwl128 (to see whether the problem is
 in MWL#128 or in the DS-MRR code)

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