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Final testing for join_cache levels and hash join



As you have noticed I have started filing bugs that require 4-5 tables, self joins, etc. to show up. I continue running the same tests as before, it is just that the 2-table bugs have all been fixed by now.

While I do consider 4-5 table bugs to still be valid, since they all use default join cache sizes, we need to discuss and decide how much I am going to test and how much is going to be fixed before 5.3 is considered stable.

Here is my suggestion:
- I will continue to run the same full grammars and file the bugs regardless of how many tables are required to reproduce, always trying to find the smallest reproducible test case;
- Crashes involving up to 5 tables are to be fixed;
- Wrong result bugs involving up to 4 tables are to be fixed.
- outer join + join_cache bugs are acceptable since I assume that the outer_join_with_cache option will be ON in the final release; - wrong result bugs requiring a very small join_cache_buffer value can be (temporarily) fixed by increasing the minimum join_cache_buffer allowed; - all join cache levels are acceptable targets for testing unless you plan to disallow certain levels altogether;

If you think otherwise, please suggest an alternative plan. Otherwise I assume you agree with the above.

Thank you.

Philip Stoev

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