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Re: Question about FreeBSD on KB



On Nov 15, Daniel Bartholomew wrote:
> http://kb.askmonty.org/v/no-mariadb-port-in-freebsd
> He's asking about getting MariaDB into the ports tree of FreeBSD. Any
> thoughts on an answer to give him?

Rather, do we want a FreeBSD port?

I think we can do that, it is probably not too difficult.
Although, of course, there could be a problem similar to what we have
with debian and dependencies, but we'll never know unless we try :)

I'd suggest to add one FreeBSD VM to buildbot - on that new Intel box
that will host VMs for builbot anyway.

Kristian already has the experience and all the scripts for generating
debs and rpms and installing them on a clean VM - hopefully, that could
be easily adapted to FreeBSD too.

Acording to the FreeBSD porter's handbook
  In FreeBSD, anyone may submit a new port, or volunteer to maintain an
  existing port if it is unmaintained--you do not need any special
  commit privileges to do so.

So, it should be possible for us to submit a MariaDB port and maintain
it (*). Preferrably even in the source tree.


(*) MySQL never managed to get that, btw.