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Re: Rev 2999: Speed up `mtr --parallel=<lots>`


Hi, Kristian!

On Jan 03, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Hm.
> > Why do you prefer to add a dummy include file to every "long" test,
> > instead of using a separate file, like disabled.def ?
> I thought it was simpler to re-use an existing mechanism. The mtr_cases.pm
> already parses out lots of info about test cases in this way.

disabled.def is also an existing mechanism, in a sense.
So there's a precedent for both approaches :)

> > I think it'd be easier to maintain in a separate file, and easier to
> > extend later on.
> Why?
> What I'd really like is something that didn't have to be maintained.
> Eg. the test run could store actual test case times in some
> $HOME/.mtr/timings.txt, and use that for scheduling in subsequent
> runs.

Right, that's exactly what I thought as an "extension later on".
E.g. if you store long tests in a file, say, mysql-test/longtests.def
then mysql-test/Makefile.am could have

  timings.txt: longtests.def
        cp longtests.def timings.txt

and even without the code to update the file with actual
timing, it will still work! I could've added the code to store actual
timing next time when I get annoyed that execution time is predicted
incorrectly :)