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Re: dist-hook in top-level Makefile.am


"Vladislav Vaintroub" <wlad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Kristian, now that Windows builds in 5.2+ are self-sufficient and can
> produce different packages from bzr, do you see any reason to keep this hook
> in the top-level Makefile.am?
> If not, I can remove, or you can remove it if you prefer. Will make our
> source distribution smaller/cleaner , if nothing else. 
> I'm talking about this place in Makefile.am
> # Remove BK's "SCCS" subdirectories from source distribution
> # Create initial database files for Windows installations and check them.
> dist-hook:
> 	mkdir -p $(distdir)/win
> 	scripts/mysql_install_db --no-defaults --cross-bootstrap \
> 		--builddir=$(top_builddir) \
> 		--datadir=$(distdir)/win/data \
> 		--srcdir=$(top_srcdir)
> 	storage/myisam/myisamchk --silent --fast
> $(distdir)/win/data/mysql/*.MYI

I do not have time to look deeply into this at the moment, but I did not want
you to have to wait any longer for an answer, sorry for taking so long

It is very good news that Windows builds are now self-sufficient! This need to
compile the whole server just to produce a source tarball has been nagging me
forever, and I suppose this has also been an annoyance on the Windows side
when installing from source.

You need to be careful when you remove it. Update any documentation that
refers to the old way of installing from source on Windows, making sure
existing stuff still works, etc. Well, I guess you are already aware of that.

It would be nice to also fix the autotools builds so that `make dist` to
produce a source tarball no longer needs to compile the whole server. But
then, as we are phasing out autotools, it is probably not worth it. So I
suppose just removing the dist-hook is a reasonable step if you make sure it
does not break anything.

I guess the CMake system already has this done properly, so that a source
tarball is produced without needing to build the server (and without
generating these obsolete database files for Windows)?

 - Kristian.

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