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MariaDB 5.6


I noticed this on planet.mysql: http://kb.askmonty.org/v/plans-for-56

I *again* strongly want to discourage a major version number identical with
a MySQL/Oracle release.  MySQL plans a 5.6 too and I believe that there is
already a source-tree available on launchpad. I think I understand that
MariaDB 5.6 is planned to use MySQL 5.5 codebase.  Am I correct?

The problem arises with *generic clients* (ie clients that are supposed to
work with not only one specific server version but a broad range of server
versions) - including all GUI clients. Such clients will execute a "SELECT
VERSION()" after connection to decide what features in the client should be
enabled or not (necessary as "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'have_***"" and "SELECT
... FROM I_S" cannot always be used due to incomplete instrumentation with

I have now posted this complaint 2 or 3 times (including the times I
complained about the use of 5.2 for a mariaDB based on MySQL 5.1 code as
there is alose a (now abandoned) MySQL 5.2 tree.  I never had a reply from a
MariaDB 'decisionmaker'.  Could I at least request a reply this time?
Please! :-)

I repeat: It is really causing problems for *generic clients* if there are
too different 5.6's with different feature sets. What solution would you
suggest for a client that shall be able to connect to both MySQL5.6 and
MariaDB 5.6 without confusing the features of one server with the other?


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