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Re: Can not start mariadb


planas <jslozier@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> If I try 
> sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start I get
> * Starting MariaDB database server mysqld
> [fail]

The first step is to check /var/log/daemon.log for all error messages from
mysqld, they will likely explain what the problem is.

The most common cause of this kind of problem is configuring wrong log file
sizes for InnoDB/XtraDB, but it is impossible to tell without the contents of
the error log from /var/log/daemon.

> about the problem of how to solve it. I have tried a complete reinstall
> from the repository and it has not helped.

> When I try to start maria, Ubuntu 11.04, a local install mariadb 5.2.7
> sudo /usr/bin/mysqld_safe I get

If you install from the repositories, I am not sure if calling mysqld_safe
directly is supposed to work. The right way to start is /etc/init.d/mysql

 - Kristian.

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