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Fwd: MariaDB contribution offer


His attachment didn't make it thru, but here are some links:
Hello Colin,

you can download it from my server, that's the easiest way:




it's less than 400 KB, all in all.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Ronald Grindle <ronald@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 9 August 2011 17:07:25 GMT+08:00
> To: maria-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, community@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: MariaDB contribution offer
> Dear Sir and Madam,
> I am writing you to make you an contribution offer to your Open Source Project MariaDB.
> I have developed a driver, that turns MySQL into an XML Database. Following this mail I am sending you the Java implementation of what I called XMLDB.
> XMLDB is a set of classes, that provides an interface to the user, that has the appearance of an XML dataset object, while providing him the advantages of a database, i.e. search-ability of data by key values, extraction of subsets of data, insertion of subsets of data etc. I used it in my own programs to create a generic database, where the data base scheme does not need to be changed every time a new data entity is added to the data set and, at the same time, takes advantage of the simplified transportation and handling of data that XML objects provide. It has proven its usability under the circumstances of industrial use.
> The appendix contains the zipped package QANavBSmp.zip that contains all Java classes, the built jar, the Java-Docs and the SQL scripts for setting up the DB scheme. The XMLDB requires a UID server to run, a small server, that generates universally unique ids. The UID server is part of the jar, the zipped package contains scripts to start the server.
> Along with the package QANavBSmp.zip comes a another package QANavXDBTst.zip. It contains a short test program that demonstrates the usage of XMLDB and some of its functions.
> I am willing to make all of this public domain, I just have not added the according statements to the packages yet. If you are interested in the package I am willing to migrate it to use MaraiDB.
> As already said, the packages will follow this mail, in case the mail is rejected by your firewall or your spam filter due to its content. The mail is labeled “MariaDB contribution offer – packages”.
> If the packages do not reach you please contact me, so we can find out how to make the transfer work.
> I hope you find this offer interesting, I am looking to hearing from you what you think about it.
> Yours sincerely
> Ronald D. Grindle
> E.Mail: ronald@xxxxxxxxxx
> Tel: +49 (0)89-43573611
> Mobil: +49 (0)177-3775162

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