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Re: Changes to table_statistics for mariadb 5.2



>>>>> "Sergei" == Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Sergei> Hi, Eric!
Sergei> On Aug 25, Eric Bergen wrote:
>> > Why wouldn't you introduce a persistent session query counter?
>> > Like, put it in thd, increment on every query, and show this number
>> > in profiling and userstat.
>> I did that. It functions fine but it means that someone enabling
>> profiling mid way through a session won't start with profile id 1 like
>> they used to.

Sergei> I think that's fine.

I agree.

After all, 'show processlist' also gives you a unique global id that
is incrementing from the time of server start and not since the start
of your session.

I am still a bit confused why the 'Id' can't be same we use in show
processlist.  Having two id's will be confusing for anyone doing:

'show processlist'
'show profiles'
'show query table_statistics'

Why not have all of these the same ?
(Yes, I know that we talked about this, but if we add this to MariaDB
we need to at least document, with a good reason, why these are

>> > Indeed, both profiling and userstat need to keep the list of
>> > queries. It would make sense to have internal query history API,
>> > something like:
>> >
>> >  enable_query_history() - can be called by profiling or userstat
>> >  disable_query_history()
>> >  get_query_str(id)
>> >  get_query_count()
>> >
>> If everyone is ok with the profile id issue I highlighted above and
>> having this change impact both profiling and table statistics I can go
>> ahead and implement it.

Please go ahead and do it and send an email to maria-developers@ when
you want us to review it!