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MariaDB Aria based Heap Alternative



I am beginning to work on a MEMORY/HEAP modification for the ARIA engine. This should compete favorably with the ORACLE times-ten option or SYBASE In-Memory DB.

The goal is to replace the native MySQL Table-Locked HEAP table with a record-locked ARIA based HEAP table.

It is my belief that not only should ARIA be the default transactional and non-transactional engine for Mysql, but it should be the default disk-based AND memory-based engine as well.

Before I get too far down this road, is there an ARIA engine diagram that someone has done
from the core ARIA team.

Here is an example from Percona on XtraDB.


Also, do the core ARIA developers have comments on modification of the ARIA engine to include a ARIA HEAP setting so the ARIA engine operates only on in-memory tables. Have you ideas on things that are already available to achieve this functionality.

I currently have a working ARIA based MEMORY/HEAP alternative running under MariaDB 2.8.x on Linux
if anybody wants to know how to make that work immediately.

Next week, when I get my server parts, I will run mysqlslap benchmark tests on an 8 core server that should push I/O past the point that my current Dual core testing computer running HEAP vs ARIA HEAP.

I want to see if I can push the Native HEAP past the point of the table locking limit and
see if I can SCALE the ARIA HEAP to performance way beyond Native HEAP.

I will publish more info after I get responses from the Maria DB development community.

Mark Diener

(Note to self-Fixed table cache)