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strange lines in test_if_skip_sort_order()



At the end of test_if_skip_sort_order() you put (in 5.3):

17959           /*
17960             orig_cond is a part of pre_idx_push_cond,
17961             no need to restore it.
17962           */
17963           orig_cond= 0;
17964           orig_cond_saved= false;
17965   if (orig_cond_saved && !changed_key)
17966     tab->set_cond(orig_cond);

Besides incorrect indentation, you set orig_cond_saved to false, and in
the next line writes an if() statement that can only work if
orig_cond_saved is true. If orig_cond_saved=false is correct, then this
if() can be completely removed. Or, may be, orig_cond_saved should not
be set to false?