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Re: Proposal: change SUBQUERY to MATERIALIZE



>>>>> "Sergei" == Sergei Petrunia <psergey@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Sergei> Reply-To: 
Sergei> Hello,

Sergei> I think we have already discussed this before (multiple times), and the
Sergei> idea was received with some conditional approval of the idea. Nothing has 
Sergei> been done or put to paper, though, so now I'm posting this in writing. 

Sergei> I'm posting this now, because we're close to RC and I think it's better to do
Sergei> this kind of changes before the RC.


Sergei> I think the above should be sufficient to make a decision to change
Sergei> Materialized subqueries to show 'MATERIALIZED' (or 'MATERIALIZE') in EXPLAIN
Sergei> output.  Any objections?

ok with me.