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License issues



I'm a packager for mageia, and i'm working to get branch 5.5 submitted on our 
system, replacing mysql.

However, we have readline v6 on mageia, which is GPLv3, and serg added the 
NOT_FOR_DISTRIBUTION variable, which makes it build a bundled readline v5. 
well, it builds for us too, but later i get a conflict situation on our system 
between mariadb-common and mariadb-client (i didn't look deep into it).

but normally we try to use as much system shared libraries as possible, also, 
what about security fixes + bug fixes in this bundled readline v5, etc... i 
donno how long v5 will be maintained by gnu, this is not an ideal situation.

i've checked and noted that mariadb server is GPLv2only and mariadb client has 
a FLOSS exception... which doesn't mention GPLv3

so i'm a bit at a loss here, ideally we want to use system shared readline v6 
on our distribution...

it's a bit of a PITA for me, tbh, i mean, it's all open source, i don't really 
get why this is all so difficult... :-(

I guess the easiest way for us is if mariadb was GPLv2+ we could go ahead and 
use readline v6.

I guess i'm asking for a way to proceed for us.



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