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MDEV-30: "mtr extensions for storage engine testing" review


Hi Serg!

As promised, I read through your MDEV-30, "mtr extensions for storage engine

Generally I think it looks good and reasonable. Here are a few comments:

 - --record should have options so that it can generate .rdiff or
   .COMBI.result. So one could say eg. ./mtr --record=rdiff <some test>
   to produce <whatever>.rdiff. It's not entirely trivial what the exact
   syntax should be due to the complicated structure of result file names...

 - Windows (the usual problem child :-( ) has no native `patch` tool. Will we
   require it to be installed, or will we gracefully skip tests that need it
   if no patch is available?

 - About the "options" at the end about file names wrt. suites: I did not
   fully understand - but it seems important that whatever is done, existing
   lots of test cases from Oracle/MySQL can be used without having to rewrite
   their --source statements. Will this be the case?

Hope this helps,

 - Kristian.

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