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federated bug: Bug #61526 create table .. like .. federated table crashes with auto_increment column


hi all:
  I try to fix the bug: http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=61526. but
after dig the code, I found that the federated seems don't support
"create table xx like yy". the function miss the
"share->connect_string", so it always report: ERROR 1 (HY000): server
name: '' doesn't exist!

  from the page: http://kb.askmonty.org/en/about-federatedx, it says:

The FederatedX Storage Engine is a fork of the Federated Storage
Engine, the latter of the two no longer being maintained by Oracle.
The purpose of FederatedX is to keep this storage engine's development
progressing-- to both add new features as well as fix old bugs.

is it really? so will oracle accept the patch?


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