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Re: MDEV-136 Non-blocking "set read_only"



16.05.2012 15:21, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
Okay. But is it correct? Can you try the following:
> 1st client: LOCK TABLE t1 WRITE;

> 2nd client: SET READ_ONLY=1;
    hangs, as it's blocked by LOCK TABLE

> 1st client: INSERT t1 VALUES (1);
    insert succeeded.

1st client UNLOCK TABLES;
2nd completes the SET READ_ONLY

> I'm not sure about it. It's basically a gotcha.
> "SET READ_ONLY will not flush transactional tables,
> but only if the statement uses no non-transactional tables.

> Otherwise it'll flush all tables, transactional or not". One cannot always know if non-transactional tables are involved. Think of > log tables, tables used in triggers and stored routines.

Well i don't have an opinion of my own on that.
Unfortunately i don't know that area well enough.
Ok i started investigating and hope to come out with something better tomorrow.