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Re: MDEV-225: Replace with dummy events an event that is not understood by a slave to which it should be sent



>>>>> "Kristian" == Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


>> Also: Why would "a later release of a slave change what an earlier
>> release of a master believes about its capabilities"?

Kristian> Agree this is unclear. The basic idea is just to argue that it is better that
Kristian> the slave announces its capabilities explicitly rather than the master tries
Kristian> to guess based on version.

Agree 100 %. We should not do any guesses about capabilites based on
version numbers (if possible)!


Kristian> And STRING_WITH_LEN(...) expands to two expressions with a comma between them
Kristian> UUU, VVV - so I also cannot put DBUG_EVALUATE_IF() around STRING_WITH_LEN().

Kristian> I rewrote it to use strlen() instead of STRING_WITH_LEN - this code is not
Kristian> performance critical:

I prefer to get rid of strlen() at all.
Jani has a long going task to go trough the server and remove all
strlen() adding a strlen() will cause more work for him sooner or


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